| Remy Toh, AZ Foothills Magazine

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Remy Toh in AZ Foothills Magazine

In the most recent Arizona Foothills Magazine, I was listed as one of the 10 Arizona VIPs. 

“For three decades I’ve dreamed of publishing ‘Legends of Style’, the ultimate sartorial guide for men. Working for Valentino paved the path, and my dream became reality. I believe there’s no shortcut to success. In spite of the challenges in life, I never gave up. I thank God himself, who grants us creativity and power to achieve what we dream. With the touch of a sartorial stylist, a well-dressed man realizes when he enters a room there’s a change in the very molecules. He then understands the meaning of my philosophy: ‘Your image is your bank.’”


Thank you! I am humbled–tickled–but humbled.